Installation Videos | Surf-Systems, GryptaLite Clear Grip

Installation Videos

VIdeo One

How to Take a Picture of Your Board

We cut our GrpytaLite exactly to the shape of your board. In order to do this, we ask that you send us two pictures of your board, in a very specific way. 

Video two

How to Measure Your Board

We need the exact length and width of your board, in order to prepare your GrpyaLite. Here’s a tutorial on how we want you to measure your board when you place your order.

Video Three

Kit Contents

If you’ve already ordered from us, you know that we give you a lot more than just GryptaLite. Here’s a quick video, explaining exactly what we sent you. 

Video Four

Preparing Your Board for GryptaLite

Before you install your new GryptaLite, it’s important that we do a few quick things. In this video, we’ll be cleaning your board, and removing the wax from your board (for the last time!)