Best Traction Grip in the Water for Board Sports | GryptaLite

The Days of Waxing Your Board are Over

Perfect, clean, clear, soft and excellent traction- every surf.  Stoked!


Out Performs Wax Every Way

Pre-cut GryptaLite film the exact same
shape as your board from a phone pic

Micro Thin:  1/3 mm thick

Instant foot to board sensation

Weighs Less than wax-
GryptaLite Floats 😊, Wax Sinks ☹

Excellent Grip in every water temp

Protects the Deck

Never wears out- No Mess

Stays Clear, Clean, Fast

Perfect Traction- Every Surf !


Skin and Wetsuit Friendly

Feels like suede when dry

Not a grit surface

Conforms to

Complex Curves/and pressure dings

Never melts or wears out

A dream come true…


When Wet

The harder you press/grab-
the more it Positive Grips

When Dry

Nothing sticks to it-

Not: sand, debris, boardbag

Not: your car/truck/rack/chest

Wax melts/degrades every surf/sesh

Wax is an old mess…and you know it 



Super transparent and clear

Pre-cut GryptaLite film the exact same
shape as your board from a phone pic

See True Detail

Graphics, colors, wood grain

Appreciate your deck art/design

Wax:  Really? On that beauty?

GryptaLite it bro/sis!  done

The GryptaLite 1-2-3 Process: From Phone Pic to Surf

Step 1: How to Order

We use dimensions and pictures of your board to pre-cut Gryptalite to match your EXACT board shape.

Step 2: Install Your Gryptalite

Follow our easy steps to install Gryptalite on your board!

Step 3: Surf!

Stoked! You now have one less thing to ever think about, every surf session!
No more wax. Always clean, clear, fast, perfect traction. Done.

Gryptalyte? So good you don't even think about it! I've had it on a few of my boards now for 2 years. I haven't bought wax for those boards with it in those years. I works so well that I've never felt I needed more traction or grip. Just set it, and forget it! The slogan for Gryptalite should be, "You're stuck with me!"

Tim, USA

I ordered GryptaLite for my brand new kneeboard two years ago to go with my covepad so that i didn’t have to cover over the look of the custom sprayed deck with wax! I was amazed by how it not only looked but how it performs! I was so happy with the result that I’ve put it on my latest new board I’ve added to my quiver. I am always recommending this product to my mates while out in the water.

Lachie, Australia

Have Grypalite Clear Grip on all my boards and will never go back to wax. It grips better than wax with no chaffing, and there’s nothing better than not having to worry about re-applying wax before a surf. Plus, my boards stay clean and looking good.

Ed Dimick USA 

I love Gryptalite on my boards and am in the process of adding it to all of my boards. I find that the grip is superior to wax and never becomes slippery like wax does. My board bags remain much cleaner as well, and my boards continue to look great. An added bonus is never having to worry about summer heat melting the wax off my board (in the boardbag) if left in the car. This product is the result of much research and development and Casey nailed it

-Bradford, USA

Since having Gryptalite on my boards I know every surf I go for my board is always perfectly prepped to use straight away in any conditions (hot or cold). Straight from my board bag to under my arm and straight into the line up every time with complete confidence. The transparency of the grip complimenting my board spray always looking new.

Simon Farrer, Australia 

Have not used wax since i went to cove pads and was a struggle to get the right product so when they introduced Gryptalite I had no hesitation in trying Ok got the stuff and went “what is this no grip at all “ but when it gets wet its a different beast, best grip and thin Will always use it now

Cheers Doc

Torquay Australia

I love my GyrptaLite and have it on most all of my quiver now. No unevenness any more in my traction! No more wax to clean off or need to do a whole new re-wax! My boards always look sharp, they're ready to get in the water immediately, and I know I can count on the stuff to give me the grip I need (super important to me as I am also still surfing contests). I just wish this product had been around decades earlier! And Casey gives great customer service...



My Gryptalite rocks. Way better than wax, sticker in the water when ya need it and not in the board bag where ya don’t.

Joe,  USA

Every board of mine from here on out will now have GryptaLite. It is not only more convenient than wax, but it out performs. I have never had a hand slip from the rail since using GryptaLite.


 New Zealand 

I love GryptaLite Clear Grip. Renders wax obsolete. It’s tacky, almost invisible and still looks and feels like new a year after application. Excellent traction in the 50 degree water of Oregon AND the 80 degree water of the Philippines. Try it, you’ll like it!


USA & Philippines

I've put GyptaLite on my last 4 boards and have said good bye to wax forever. Have not needed a rash guard to protect my chest when the water is warm either. I actually got more rashes with wax. Better traction, no mess, easier on the skin!

-Tom, Dana Point, CA, USA

GryptaLite is a complete game changer. I have been surfing for around 50 years and for 50 years I have had a love/hate relationship with wax. GryptaLite has changed all of that. Easy to install and incredibly comfortable to surf. I also installed it on my kite board and it’s working beautifully. I highly recommend you give it a try.

John. USA

Hope you guys are safe and well over there Gryptalite is awesome, no more wax inside board covers, getting on other areas of the board you don't want wax and no more wax getting in the car. It goes on easy and can't be seen

Mark Hawkins, Australia 

Good to see you extend your product line. Gryptalite is way ahead of any other wax replacement product. Traction is excellent and the pre-cut parts are top quality. Once you have put GryptaLite on your board no more hassle with dirty, melted or wrong (warm/coldwater) wax. Just grap your board and go. No more slipping of. In summer no more wax on your boardies or wetsuit and even better in winter when you wear gloves, the board won’t slip trough your hands while duckdiving. When you are traveling no worries about running out of wax or melted wax sticking on things you stuffed in your boardbag. In short, well worth the investment!

Folkert, The Netherlands

Gryptalite arrived in post box today. Dry fitted the digitally precut piece and it is a perfect fit. Cool as.🤙🤙 Many thanks.

Michael. Australia

The GryptaLite, WOW! what an amazing product. I will never use wax again. And the total coverage above the pad is the only way to go. Thanks again.


Well, here it is, see below: the first expert level surfer THAT I KNOW that’s tried Casey’s clear ‘Gryptalite’ AND IS RAVING ABOUT IT. This settles it in my opinion. I have hated wax my entire life, and I think this is the FINAL ANSWER...! No more dirty petrochemical goo all over a board. YEAH Casey....!

Hey Jeff, I forgot to tell you. From one of your earlier emails you mentioned Casey from Gryptalite re wax replacement. I contacted him and he sent me some of his product. I applied it to half of my board to test it. The stuff is unreal. Feels slippery when dry but when it gets wet it gets very grippy. I put it on half to have an in water comparison. It worked better than the wax and is actually lighter after so many layers of wax build up. I am fully stoked with it. I am ordering more for my other boards. I also put it on the deck of my kite board. Thanks for the recommendation. Could we finally be done with wax!!

I tried the deck grip this morning and it was awesome. Very happy with it Thank you very much,


I have to say it is exactly what I was looking for, thank you!! I can't wait to try the new traction system, its seems to me like its going to be a game changer!! SUPER-STOKED!


Installation Guides

Learn from our pros how to install your Gryptalite.

Installation Service

Not comfortable installing on your own?

What is Gryptalite?

A simple way to make surfing less of a hassle.

Will Gryptalite Fit My Board?

Yes! Choose your board type and enter your measurements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does GryptaLite last?

For the life of the board- if taken care of.  (don’t leave it out in the direct sun forever) 😉

How long does it take to install GryptaLite?

A little longer than putting wax on your board the first time.  Short boards 20-30+ minutes, Long boards: 40 minutes+.

NOTE:  You have to watch (start/pause) the installation video on your phone/tablet while your installing it to make it visually easy!  Elementary school kids can do this when they watched the video-  so… we told ya.. its easy with the video!  It’s not without the video.  

I don’t have time or I don’t want to install the GryptaLite.

That’s cool- we get it.  There are GryptaLite Service Centers who can install it for you for a small fee/tip.  😊

Click here to find a service center.

Or ask a crafty friend to help you…they like this kind of stuff!

Will GryptaLite protect my board deck?

Yes. There are UV inhibitors in the GryptaLite, preventing yellowing in the sun.  Small impacts/cuts to the board are shielded by the GryptaLite.  These small impacts/cuts will not affect the performance of the GryptaLite traction.

Can GryptaLite be removed?

Yes.  It can be removed with low heat:  Hot Hair Dryer, Or direct sun for 1 hour will allow you to peel off the GryptaLite, but it takes muscle and paint thinner to scrape/clean off the adhesive.  The only time you might want to remove the GryptaLite would be for a ding repair- and then you only remove/replace the GryptaLite from the ding repair area. See FREE GryptaLite for All Ding Repairs below!

Will GryptaLite conform to pressure dings?

Yes.  During installation, you can use your fingers to press the GryptaLite into the pressure ding area.  Easy.

Will GryptaLite give me a rash?

This is a subjective situation:  90% of our test riders and customers do not have any problem with a rash, because GryptaLite is not a grit surface.  10% of our test riders who were sensitive to GryptaLite were also sensitive to wax abrasion, or- rarely surf skin only (they haven’t built up a warm water skin to board tolerance). 

No problem- Solution:  That’s why they invented “Rash Guards- Shirts and long length board shorts or compression shorts under your board shorts” right?  

 By the way, after about 30 minutes, warm or cold salt/pool water will soften anyone’s skin- that’s a fact.  If your local surf spot is warm water- you know your chest, thighs and arm skin are super soft compared to dry land.  That’s just physics, you know how to get around that… put on your rashy- duh, then get after it on your GryptaLite excellent traction- clean, clear and fast.   Here comes a set! 

Will GryptaLite tear my wetsuit or booties?

Nope.  We spent 3 years perfecting GryptaLite to be the best it can possibly be- a dream traction come true!

How do I remove wax that got on my GryptaLite?

Sun or Hair Dryer:  Soften up the wax, then use the Foam Ball that came in your kit.  Then go turn your board bag inside out, and clean off the wax with the Foam Ball!

How do I remove tar from GryptaLite?

Bummer dude.  Heat up the tar with a hair dryer.  Scrape off the warm tar with a plastic scraper,  or plastic putty knife.  Then try a citrus cleaner (like the “Goof” stuff) and a rag/bristle brush/tooth brush.  Finish clean it with paint thinner. Then final clean it with hot dish soap and water.  The tar may leave a stain, sorry dude.  Good to go though!

Ding Repairs

This is a cool fix!  Sorry about the ding.  But all you have to do is email us a picture of your ding with the length and width dimensions of the ding, and your name,  address and email.  Then we will send you- at no charge, a piece of GryptaLite to patch the ding repair area!  FREE- Bam!

Here’s how the GryptaLite Ding Repair works:  You will cut out the GryptaLite around the ding repair area and replace the cut out with the new GryptaLite we send you that includes simple:  trace, cut and reinstall instructions!